Unified Communications

Answer your desk phone in the car. Make a call from your hotel phone that looks like a call from your office. Seamlessly move a call from your mobile phone to your desk phone. Aastra’s Unified Communications solutions help mobile employees communicate with customers and colleagues in the most efficient and cost effective manner, enjoying all the conveniences of a virtual office.

Increase Productivity
Leaving multiple voice mails and emails wastes time. Employees are more productive when they can choose how to communicate in the most efficient manner. By integrating with leading collaboration suites like Microsoft® Lync™ and IBM® Lotus® Sametime®, Aastra’s Unified Communications solutions combine presence information with multiple modes of communication to improve employee efficiency.

Be more responsive to your customers
By unifying and simplifying the many modes of communications available, Aastra’s Unified Communications solutions can help your employees communicate in the most efficient manner. This means getting answers faster and results in better customer service.

Man with laptop and earpiece - Unified Communications
Unified Communications helps your employees, business partners and customers connect, communicate and conduct business in real time. Whether across the room or across the globe, collaboration happens instantly and in the mode best suited for the parties involved. 

Success Stories

Customers Benefiting from Aastra UC Solutions

Hotel Ermitage Schönried

Das Hotel Ermitage vertraut auf die zuverlässige Technik einer Aastra 470 Kommunikationsanlage mit Hotelsoftware, One Number-Konzept und GSM-Integration AMC für mobile Mitarbeitende.

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KNX-Technologie für Radiostudio

Es gibt Technologien, die einem Radiomoderator das Leben erleichtern können. Wie beispielsweise die Steuerung der Redaktionstelefone vom Sendepult aus oder die Bedienung der Sonnenstoren via Telefon.

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Pflegen und Wohnen Betriebs GmbH

New communications systems installed in 13 care facilities that helped control costs and implemented a DECT infrastructure for all of its health care providers.

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National Library of Wales offers Welsh-language option

Installation of language option coincided with the Library’s upgrade to version 7.8 of Aastra’s IntelliGate® IP PBX system.

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Agence de l’Eau Artois-Picardie

The regional water agency needed to overcome the unexpected problems associated with its ageing telephone system, resulting in high maintenance expenses.

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Automotive company required an intelligent, flexible telecom

Heritage Automotive required an intelligent, flexible telecom solution that would support its employees in providing a fast and efficient response to customer calls.

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German pension insurer needed harmonised system after merger

Rentenversicherung Berlin and Rentenversicherung Brandenburg underwent a merger in 2006. The communications technology used by the formerly independent administrative centres had to be harmonised.

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Nonprofit organization upgrades its communications system

Efficient communication is an essential asset for Berliner Tafel as it needs to react quickly to the offers made by food resellers and stores, caterers and warehouses.

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University makes gradual transition to VoIP and SIP

Facing the need to expand the system’s capabilities as well as perform a major upgrade to the core campus network, the University began an evaluation of replacement options in 2008

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Texas A&M opts for scaleable open standard UC Solution

Key criteria for a next-generation voice communications solution – the system must be built on a VoIP platform and the solution components must be standards-based (SIP) whenever possible®

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