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BluStar Application Server - Video Conference & Collaboration Solution

The BluStar Application Server is an integral part of the Aastra BluStar™ solution. Delivering true HD video conferencing and powerful collaboration capabilities, the Aastra BluStar solution enables lifelike video images to be delivered to the desktop. Extensive multi-way video conferencing & collaboration features makes doing business personal, reduces travel needs, and increases employee productivity.
The BluStar Application Server (BAS) combines with Aastra BluStarTM Media devices to provide a powerful and extensive multi-way video conferencing & collaboration solution.

Extensive multi-way video conferencing with true HD video quality and superior HD audio, along with powerful built-in collaboration capabilities. Aastra’s BluStar solution enables lifelike video images to be delivered to the desktop making face-to-face communication with others an instinctively natural experience.

The BluStar Application Server is the heart of the BluStar standalone solution. The BAS server acts as the command center for the solution. Open standards based, using SIP call control and H.264 video, the BAS application provides enhanced conferencing & collaboration capabilities such as multi-way video conferencing; PC desktop sharing (simultaneously to video calling); and, network wide bandwidth management.

The advanced design of the BluStar solution avoids the need for costly MCUs, reducing overall costs and additionally reducing MCU quality impacting encoding/de-coding and associated increased latency.

The Aastra BluStar 8000i Desktop Media Phone offers a suite of features that make communicating a simple and instinctively natural experience. When deployed with the BAS server, these powerful features are available as a solution independent of the call manager.

The lifelike video and true high quality audio, combined with desktop sharing makes communicating remotely as natural as being face-to-face. It makes doing business personal, reduces travel expenses, and increases employee productivity.

PC Desktop Sharing

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