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Customer Success Stories

Aastra has developed strong relationships with partners and customers alike and has learned that cultural differences can and will influence customer expectations. It is from these experiences that we have created a document to share our many positive successes.

Shining Stars is a collection of cases from distinguished customers who have highlighted the growing need world-wide for effective and efficient communications. Solutions provided by Aastra have been implemented within businesses of all sizes and in a wide variety of industries. A sound understanding of its customers is imperative for any business to be effective. Shining Stars creates a record of our customer accomplishments and presents many notable cases of our customer successes in recent years.

Our customer testimonials demonstrate how we have built on the core values that have been central to our success to date, such as agility, flexibility and nurturing close relationships with our customers. A cornerstone of our customer relationships is our commitment to provide quality and innovation at a price our customers can afford.

Shining Stars is a collection of which Aastra is very proud. But even more exciting for us is the knowledge that Shining Stars represents only a small number of our customer successes, and that many more businesses world wide can benefit from Aastra’s communication solutions.

Please click on the link below to download the first edition of Shining Stars, a collection of more than 60 Aastra customer references.

Aastra Customer Reference Book - Shining Stars Edition Three
Shining Stars - Edition Three
PDF, 2.6Mb
Aastra Customer Reference Book - Shining Stars Edition Two
Shining Stars - Edition Two
Aastra Customer Reference Book - Shining Stars Edition One
Shining Stars - Edition One

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