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Aastra is a worldwide leading manufacturer of terminals, systems and applications for building and accessing communication networks. We are committed to standards-based solutions that work with our own IP communications systems, as well as those of other manufacturers. We offer a full range of open-standard SIP telephones, IP telephones, traditional digital and analog telephone terminals and wireless handsets.

SIP Telephones
We offer a full family of cost effective enterprise grade SIP telephones that have been designed for interoperability, upgradeability and ease of use.

Our SIP-DECT terminals provided powerful features, performance and reliability for on-campus enterprise mobility.  

Microsoft® LyncTelephones
Aastra’s Microsoft® Lyncphones are true stand-alone IP phones with the Microsoft Lync 2010 Phone Edition embedded in the phones.

Digital Telephones
Aastra has a  full range of digital terminals designed to meet everybody’s needs.

Analog Telephones
We offer a complete portfolio of enterprise quality feature-rich analog business telephones.

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Aastra 6750i Series Endpoints
Aastra gives you the power to choose a phone that fits your needs…and your budget.

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