Empower professional networking within your company !

Social networking has quickly moved from the consumer space to the business environment as companies realise the value to facilitate collaboration, leverage employees expertise and share information and projects across a team or the wider organisation.

To enable cross-enterprise collaboration and help bring together members of staff, Aastra has a new range of collaboration application targeted towards business users. All applications can be integrated into your exisitng communication system and Unified Communications applications in a way that increases staff collaboration and saves money.

Collaborate better with your colleagues

By using Aastra Collaboration applications you can create a business environment to share ideas and information, allowing you to tap into the intelligence and expertise available internally Our applications will serve as a platform to collaborate with colleagues within working groups, let your colleagues know what you are doing, share information and documents, manage activities and statuses and perform searches in the corporate directory.

Integrate Unified Communications Tools

The Collaboration applications integrates with other Aastra Unified Communications tools such as presence and instant messaging bring together these solution in a single and easy to use interface. Real-time instant messaging is complemented by persistent discussion forums – helping such exchange across time zones and locations.

Conferencing made easy

Booking and joining a conference using the Aastra Conference application is easy. The application simply turns the business user´s extension into a phone conference bridge.

Let your colleagues know what you are doing

Aastra has the applications that allow your staff to connect their calendars to the communication system and contact management applications when they can’t answer the phone.

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