Customer service at its best !

Today it is vital that your contact center delivers intelligent and personalized customer service. The key to retaining caller satisfaction is first-call resolution. Aastra´s All-in-One Contact Center solutions will eliminate customer defection, improve customer relations and better your business results.


For a superior customer experience and availability

A sophisticated contact center can help any company make every customer feel as if he or she is being given a special treatment. Aastra Contact center solution includes a full suite of applications and is based on a proven IP/SIP technology that will bring you efficient and reliable customer service across all media. Customers can send in requests and get an answer via their own choice of media, e-mail, Web Chat, Web Self-Service, fax or call-back. When it comes to availability, the Aastra solution is contact center that can handle mission-critical business operations through its documented high performance. It can be configured to peak traffic of up to 400,000 calls per hour. A high security and redundancy is making the Aastra solution, the ideal virtual and remote contact center solution.

Cost effective expansion

The Aastra Contact Center solution allows you to expand your contact center in line with your business growth while at the same time retaining control of your costs. It is the only solution that allows you to start small with a limited number of agents and features and then expand gradually into a globally deployed service organization. The solution has a modular approach to adding functionality. It offers full scalability and excellent integration capabilities with you’re your existing business applications and IT infrastructure.

Make your agents the expert

Customized and tailored services are necessary to acquire and retain customers, attract students or serve the public. Aastra´s Contact Center solution leverages on Unified Communications to increase agent efficiency and productivity. The UC based applications will reduce the amount of time agents spend finding answers to customer inquiries and make it possible to connect the caller directly to the right agent. Integration between the contact center application and corporate data bases will let agents be able to give fast and correct answers to customer inquiries. Another example is that know-ledge worker and specialists who, thus far have been serving as back-office support, now can be included in the contact center team to answer customer enquiries.

Implement a powerful Self-Service function

By using Aastra Self-Service applications agents will have more time to spend on complex and high-priority customer inquiries. The solution reduces cost while providing customers 24-hours access to your business services. Aastra´s solution includes a powerful IVR module, a virtual agent, automatic E-mail response and SMS response.

Optimize operations of your contact center

The Aastra administration and management applications provide contact center managers with the tools to dynamically and proactively manage all aspects of the contact centers to be operated in the most optimal way. The applications and interfaces provides centralized management and control of your contact center infrastructure.

Extend your contact center beyond the contact center

Aastra has the Unified Communications applications and clients that enable agents to get instant access to other available colleagues, expertise and information that may be helpful in answering customer inquiries. These applications offers presence status management, conferencing, instant messaging and corporate directory searches.

Top notch customer support around the clock

In line with the increased globalization your company needs to be open for business 24/7. Astra offers complete PBX feature transparency to mobile agents. Consequently Aastra´s contact center solution is the only one that lets agents work remotely or to be truly mobile and still have access to all the corporate information ands support they require...

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