Turn your Communication system into a productivity tool

Aastra offers a comprehensive suite of personal efficiency communication tools suitable to make your daily work more efficient. The Aastra Personal Efficiency Applications provides all core features of Unified Communications with focus on open standards and IP/SIP.

The applications are tailored to fit various business user needs, yet flexible enough to integrate into a wide of a variety of corporate environments and communications infrastructure.

Access a broad range of functionality from a single interface

Aastras Unified messaging applications puts you in control over communication with access to your messages anytime, anywhere from any device using a single interface. The applications are cost-effective since they work with your existing telephone system, e-mail system and communications infrastructure.

Take control over your internal communications

Included in these applications you find communication tools that will substantially improve the business user´s availability and productivity in their daily work, such as call-, message-, contact-, activity-, visit- and presence- handling.

Do your job outside the office

Using Aastra´s mobility applications you can do your job anywhere. The Aastra mobility portfolio consist of Mobility enabled interfaces that are integrated in to Aastra`s Call managers & applications. With the mobility applications and clients you will get access to PBX functionality and company directory in the mobile phone. You can manage and determine activities, presence and availability information and get information on all your colleagues´ presence. The Mobil GUI is easy to use and provides access to the most used call manager services.

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