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Customer Satisfaction is a Priority at Aastra

Aastra proudly stands behind all of our products and services providing a variety of support options so that you can maximise the benefits of your Aastra technology.

Recovering full functionality is the highest priority in the event of system failure. Any delays in restoring normal system service can threaten your ability to communicate with customers, partners, suppliers and within your own organization. You need to have quick access to all the resources required to identify, isolate and rectify the problem. Aastra after sales organization supports and complements Aastra dealers, resellers and partners maintenance and support staff in the event of system failure or a loss of functionality by giving them access to Aastra system experts.

In addition, when you are planning major network operational moves, changes or updates, our experts can be available on emergency stand-by for remote assistance or can be deployed on site during the entire operation. Contact us to discuss the variety of support options Aastra can offer you in conjunction with our partners, dealers and resellers:

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